Gerry Reid is a past winner of the Dufferin Farmer of the Year and Environmental Excellence awards and has completed the Ontario Environmental Farm Plan.

Gerry is on the Board of Directors for Dufferin Soil and Crops Association,  and was nominated and featured in their recent Member Profile in the Soil & Crop News.  He is the past president and current member of the Greater Dufferin and Area Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Ontario and Dufferin Federation of Agriculture, the Mono Township Planning and Environmental Committee and the Mono Township LEAR Planning Committee. In his spare time Gerry collects antique Minneapolis Moline and John Deere tractors.

Tricia is a member of the local chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, an international women's social, cultural and service organization. She also canvasses for the Canadian Cancer Society and is an avid quilt maker.

Brooke is a recent return, after working off farm, she has returned to her rural roots and focuses now on managing the garden and farm store.

Reid's Potatoes &

Our Motto: To leave the soil in as good or better condition than when we put our footprint upon it. 

Currently, the 6th & 7th Generation of our family are working on the land.

The Reid Century Farm was purchased in 1845. The original barn was built in 1905, the drive shed was built in 1928 and the house, in 1937. “My grandfather bought this farm in 1890. He had worked here before that. Since then there’s always been potatoes on it,” says Gerry Reid.            

With its high elevation, warm summer days and cool nights, Dufferin County provides just the right climate for cultivating the Province’s most popular and versatile vegetable - the potato.“ Because I’ve grown them for so long, it’s nice to see different varieties and how they’ve changed over the years,” Reid continues, listing off the many varieties he grows.

The Reid family presently owns 200 acres and rents another 500 acres. Beans, corn, hay, soybeans, straw and wheat are crops grown. The farm is operated by Gerry Reid, his wife Tricia and their daughter Brooke.  A new barn is a change to the landscape at the farm; construction was completed at the end of 2011.  The new addition has changed the visual landscape, slightly, but not the friendly experience or atmosphere.