Reid's Potatoes &

Fresh Local Vegetables in Mono

We live on and by our land.  We strive to take good care of it, and ourselves.  We put only love and time, sweat and sometimes tears in the products we offer.  Ask about our policies and procedures, we'd love to talk "farm".

purchase locally

Speak with your dollars, shop local, and support your community.  Come out and find the finest local produce.  You'll feel good about the food you feed your family...It's the same food we feed our family.

At the end of a rural laneway in the Town of Mono, on a Century Farm in Dufferin County lies a unique treat for seasoned farmers market goers, or those seeking tasty fruits and vegetables from the farm source.  Reid’s Farm Market, proudly worked and run by the Reid Family on the family farm, offers seasonal produce grown on site, at a self-service market.   
In addition to offering fresh local vegetables in Mono, we also offer many other farm-related products: from eggs to jams, quilts and pickles... everything from soup to nuts, literally.  Come taste the love!  We're OPEN to serve you every day, year round!